Hanbury's Licensed Fish Restaurant

Our Cod and line caught Haddock are caught in the deep, cold, unpolluted waters of the north- East Atlantic around Iceland and Norway and the Barent Sea, north of Russia. These fisheries are very efficiently managed with fishermen and scienstists working together to ensure sustainability of the fishery. Unlike EU fisheries, discarding fish overboard is not allowed and all fish must be brought back into port to be sold. Fishermen will buy other fishing vessels' fish quota so they may land their catch and sell it legally.

Our plaice, lemon sole, monkfish, john dory, hake and pollack are all landed in South West Ports, which include Brixham, plymouth, Looe, Polpero and Newlyn. We only buy from reputable suppliers who are able to track back to where their fish was landed and can actually name the trawler that caught the fish.