Sea Fish

Our founders were a motley crew of neighbourhood Chefs and fishermen, who took great pride in their ability to net and cook the finest fish found in British waters. Their reputation soon spread across London and working men queued the length of Upper Street, to fill their families' stomachs with the warming nourishment of the finest (and freshest) fish and chips in the Capital. Our founders believed in serving fish and chips the way the Gods intended; moist cod, fresh from the sea that morning, wrapped in a comforting cloak of golden batter.

Hand-cut chips, cooked in fresh oil and lashed with salt 'n' cider vinegar, crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. With not a single drop of food colouring in sight. The shop has been passed down through our family, from one generation to the next and to this day, nothing gives us greater joy than seeing our friends enjoy a mouth-watering, piping hot portion of freshly prepared fish and chips.