The Fish & Chip

For over 25 years the Fish & Chip Co. in Perth has been providing the freshest, highest quality fish & chips and other fast food items. Using the freshest local produce we offer a full range of meals to suit everyones taste. Everything is cooked fresh, so while you might have to wait a few minutes, it's always worth it. Located at the cross in the Craigie area of Perth we are easy to reach from the town centre and within a short drive of anywhere in Perth.

Mind you, after tasting our food, you wont mind the extra effort required to come to us. We recently expanded the business by adding fresh pizzas, wraps and baked potatoes to our selection, all provided by the famous Stone Willy's system, which allows us to cook fresh, delicious items while you wait in mere minutes. Have a look at our menus on here, or sign up to our Facebook page to receive the lastest special meal deals on offer.