Yans Fish Bar

At Yans we have been serving proper traditional fish and chips since 1969, started by Yan then taken over by Steve, Father and Son. We love frying up our nation's favourite meal. Our success comes from our commitment to quality. Our philosophy is simple - we only use the best and freshest finest ingredients, obtained locally where possible.

Our scrumptious fish and chips are fried in Frymax pure vegetable oil, which is less than 1% trans-fat. We buy all our fish from sustainable sources and we even know the name of the trawler that caught it. Our potatoes are carefully selected throughout the year and we taste every batch to get the best possible chips. We are also noted for our homemade rissoles, fresh daily cooked rotisserie chickens. Our curry gravy and batter mix is unique to ourselves only. We filter our oils every day, it reduces the risk of the oil breaking down and penetrating the food, therefore, reducing fat content.