Tips for Cooking the Perfect Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is definitely a British classic loved and enjoyed on a daily basis by so many people. Fish and chips is a staple piece in the diet of Brits and probably one of the most popular and recognisable dishes. There is no wonder why – the crispy breading of the fish, the hot and delicious chips, all the palette of amazing flavours and scents. Nothing in the world can beat the warming feeling you get when you are enjoying a plate of fish and chips.

A fish and chips takeaway always sounds like a good idea. It is quick, easy, and in most cases finger-licking delicious. However, considering how Brits are a nation that loves the steaming hot, extra flavourful dish so much, it is a surprise that not everyone can make it at home. Therefore, today we share with you some amazing tips for cooking and preparing the perfect meal of fish and chips at home.

The Right Potato

Brits love their potatoes and they have many kinds and sorts of them to choose from. However, in order to cook the flawless fish and chips meal, you need to pick the right type of potato. The best compliment to the crispy and hot piece of fish would be floury potatoes, like Maris Pipers, for example. Unlike floury potatoes, waxy potatoes are not the best choice because they can easily end up in overly greasy chips and you don’t want that for your perfect fish and chips meal. Before frying the potatoes, make sure to soak them in plain water for around ten minutes as this will remove the excess starch and help you achieve crispier chips on the outside with a fluffy and delicious heart on the inside. Use a clean towel or kitchen paper to dry the potatoes after soaking them in water and before frying them.

Use a Bit of Flour

In case you are using fresh fish for your delicious fish and chips meal, make sure to dip all pieces of fish in flour before you continue dipping them in the batter. This additional step will help you remove all the excess moisture from the pieces of fresh fish and this will help you achieve a perfectly even coating of batter on each piece of fish.

Add Beer to the Batter

Adding beer to the batter you are dipping the pieces of fish into before frying them will add so much more flavour to the whole meal. In addition, beer will help make the pieces of fish crispier and more enjoyable. If you are not a fan of beer or you simply don’t have a bottle in the fridge, you can also use sparkling water for an extra crunchy coating.

Batter Should Be Cold

Remember that the colder the batter is, the fluffier and the crispier the coating of the fish will be once the pieces are fried. So before coating the fish with the batter, make sure to cool all liquids ingredients of the batter as much as possible. Once you cover the pieces of fish with batter, make sure to immediately drop them into the hot oil.

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