Lakeside Fish Restaurant

Fish and Chips have been the nations favourite for generations. Everyone loves the taste of fresh fish in the crispiest batter, accompanied by perfectly golden chips with a sprinkling of salt and vinegar. So, welcome to Lakeside the home of Dorset's favourite Fish & Chip Restaurant.

Since 1984 brothers, Wayne & Jason Leese, have been frying and striving to produce the perfect golden crispy Chips and flakey white Cod. Here at Lakeside we take great pride in offering the finest local and seasonal produce. Our Cod comes from the North-East Arctic cod stock. The North-East Arctic cod or Norwegian Cod grow up in the Barents Sea and is therefore also known at the Barents Sea Cod, whilst our Haddock is line caught. Add to this the passion and skill of our Chefs and you experience a great taste sensation. However if you would prefer something different, our menus offer set meals and daily specials, along with burgers, pies and other take away food, all cooked to the same high standards.