Salt & Vinegar

We cut our fish ourselves and finished in a delicious light crispy batter or you may chose to have it breaded or steamed, any which way it's delicious and as we are all learning fish gives us a wealth of health benefits so enjoy every bit of it. All our fish is served in a box to keep it at its best with an optional slice of lemon.

The majority of our fish is cod, ours comes from the Barents Sea and is MSC certified which means we use a sustainable options which are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, this will keep ours seas flourishing for years to come. The cod is caught, skinned, filleted and frozen at sea within 6 hours of catching so by the time it comes to you it is as fresh as can be. Our cod comes as a regular, large or a senior which is a light bite, ideal for lunch.

Our Haddock and Plaice are individually frozen and caught from the N E Atlantic (Fishing area origin 27). They are filleted and frozen on the day of landing to maintain the tasty fresh flavour.